European IoT Large-Scale Pilots

The programme projects are targeted, goal-driven initiatives that propose IoT approaches to specific real-life industrial / societal challenges…

Workshop Series

CREATE the Next Generation IoT eXperience for the Future. Expanding the horizons of IoT/IIoT technologies and applications.

Internet of Things

The IoT is bridging the gap between the virtual, digital and physical worlds by bringing together people, processes, data and things while generating knowledge through IoT applications and platforms…

Open Calls

Open calls in the context of IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme are a funding mechanism with European …

IoT LSPs e-Book

This eBook presents the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots providing an overview of the overarching goals of this initiative, facts and figures about each five different and specific focus areas, from smart living environments for ageing well, smart farming and food security, wearables for smart ecosystems, reference zones in EU cities and to autonomous vehicles in a connected environment.

The IoT European LSP


Reference Zones in Cities


Smart Living Environments for Aging Well


Wearables for Smart Ecosystems


Smart Farming and Food Security


Autonomous Vehicles in a Connected Environment

The IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme includes the innovation consortia that are collaborating to foster the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in Europe through integration of advanced IoT technologies across the value chain, demonstration of multiple IoT applications at scale and in a usage context, and as close as possible to operational conditions.


Latest News &

IoT European LSP Programme Newsflash #6 – February Issue

The sixth release of the IoT European LSP Programme Newsflash is out! Download the IoT European LSP Programme Newsflash #6 February 2020 What you will get: latest news from the LSPs interesting upcoming events in the field of IoT: AUTOPILOT Final Event - A GLIMPSE...

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Save the date for IoT Week 2020

IoT Week is a one-of-a-kind 5 day conference where leaders from the worlds of business, technology and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life. The 2020 edition of IoT Week will take place in Dublin on 1-5 June....

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Stay tuned for ACTIVAGE Final Event!

We are really happy to announce that ACTIVAGE will celebrate its public closing event in May 2020! It will be held in Madrid and will be a unique opportunity to show all the European ACTIVAGE community the great results achieved by the project and the ambitious future...

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