European Industry Partnerships Lighthouses to Thrive in the New Digital Age

5 November – Brussels, Belgium

Welcome to a vibrant research, innovation, development and deployment IoT ecosystem across Europe!

The event is organised by the IoT Large-Scale Pilots Programme with support from DG Connect and several European partnerships and industry associations.

Progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things/Industrial Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT), 5G, robotics, automation, will bring about technology-led transformations across all European industries creating new opportunities and benefits for key industrial sectors.

The event “European Industry Partnerships – Lighthouses to thrive in the New Digital Age” is initiating a coordinated approach to clearly define the future technological and application areas to be addressed by a new partnership for Horizon Europe on IoT/IIoT, smart networks, edge computing, AI at the edge, cloud considering the initial proposal of partnership with the working title Smart Networks and Services. The new partnership has the aim to bring new value added for European economy and society and not a continuation of on a business as usual approach without being in line with the criteria set by the EC.

The workshop is addressing the following aspects:

  • Industrial perspective – opinions, views and statements from industrial stakeholders on leveraging future connectivity systems to develop opportunities in related areas, notably distributed edge computing for service provision and intelligent devices across different domains (IoT/IIoT).
  • Relevant industrial use cases on how IoT/IIoT would benefit from resilient, low-latency, ultra-reliable and secure 5G and beyond infrastructures, capable of connecting a wide variety of intelligent devices, sensors/actuators, and machines/robots.
  • Panel on the proposed European Partnership objective and impact (SWOT) and industry support/involvement. Discussions on the role and ambition of a possible partnership with the objective to maintain European leadership in the field of intelligent connectivity infrastructures, covering the hole value chain of IoT//IoT implementation stack whilst to develop/support applications in the vertical sectors and guarantee security of connected devices and critical infrastructures.
  • Final discussions on “need to act now based on SWOT” through building a European partnership on IoT/IIoT, smart networks, edge computing, AI at the edge in the context of technology competitiveness of Europe in the global context.

Speakers from various industry sectors, research and academia, representatives from Member States and the EC will analyse and discuss the strategic directions, align the research priorities, identify the gaps and present their expectations for future research and innovation, and the impact of the new proposed European partnership for Horizon Europe.

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