European Industry Partnerships for New Digital Age Event

12 September – Brussels, Belgium

Welcome to the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme! A vibrant research, innovation, development and deployment IoT ecosystem across Europe!

The event is organised by the IoT Large-Scale Pilots Programme in collaboration with several European partnerships and DG Connect.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Discuss the strategic objectives and role of European partnerships from an industrial perspective and current European context and analyse future concepts and perspectives of IIoT.
  • Refer to and identify potential synergies with national and regional programmes, address means to bring together a broad range of innovation actors to work towards a common goal and turns research into socio-economic results.
  • Discuss the links between partnership candidates, possible partnership composition and the role of in future innovation and deployment support programmes like Cohesion Funds, Digital Europe Programme (DEP), InvestEU and CEF Digital priorities.

Speakers from industry, research and academia representing different European partnership initiatives covering areas of Digital, Industry and Space, representatives from Member States and the EC will analyse, and discuss the strategic directions, align the research priorities, identify the gaps and present their expectations for future research and innovation, and the impact of converging technologies such as IoT/IIoT, 5G, AI, robotics, DLTs, edge computing on applications connected to the European IoT/IIoT, intelligent connectivity and data/knowledge ecosystem. The themes that will be address covers the secure and trusted data spaces, European Industrial IIoT/edge infrastructures and the continuum to cloud and high-performance computing, intelligent connectivity and industrial 5G infrastructure for intelligent sensor/actuators and the development of HW/SW/platforms tools for IoT/IIoT, AI, digital twins applications across the industrial sectors.

The panel discussions will go along three areas of interest:

  • Industrial applications addressing manufacturing industry, autonomous systems/vehicles, energy and environment in a global context. European priorities on converging technologies (5G, IoT/IIoT, AI, edge computing, DLTs, etc.)
  • Partnerships to align common goals under an IIoT strategy with industry and representatives of individual partnerships to address the future industrial strategy in Horizon Europe
  • Need for investment and shared governance of a scalable and resilient data and mobile infrastructure.

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