Navigating IoT Architectures and Standards Days

19-21 February 2020 – Brussels, Belgium

Welcome to a vibrant research, innovation, development and deployment IoT ecosystem across Europe!

The successful development and deployment of IoT solutions relies on multi-dimensional IoT reference architectures that address the different functional layers, the cross-cutting functions and system properties. These include the requirements for data and device security, device discovery, provisioning and management, data normalization, analytics, and services.

The IoT reference architectures are key for standardization, as they define guidelines that can be used when planning the implementation of IoT systems in order to address the complexity of IoT solutions and ensure trustworthy, secure, scalable, interoperable IoT deployments.

The event will include keynotes, plenary and expert workshop sessions bringing answers to what has been achieved and what remains to be done by the IoT and DEI Large-Scale Pilots Programme funded under Horizon 2020.

With the help of the coordination and support actions CREATE-IoT, NGIoT and OPEN-DEI these projects are expected to team up together in order to have significant contributions to piloting European platforms, Data ecosystems, standardisation and pre-normative activities.

Attendance is free and registration is mandatory. Registration site.

Program Wednesday 19 February 2020

On the first day the work will be centred around the outcome of the STF547 work – lesson learned and key elements: The development and the adoption of IoT standards is facing important issues related in particular to privacy, security, semantic interoperability or the availability of standardised platforms.

How can privacy regulation be supported by standards? Is there anything specific to IoT regarding security? How to enable a wider adoption of semantic interoperability in various industry sectors? Are there available standardised platforms that can reduce the role of proprietary platforms in the development of new IoT systems?

Such questions have been addressed by the EC-supported ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF) 547. The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss – and challenge – the guidelines and recommendations that STF 547 has developed in 7 Technical Reports (including Teaching Material on privacy and security).

Program Thursday 20 February 2020

On the second day the work will be centred around the handover of common activities from the IoT LSP cluster to the DEI LSP Cluster, enabling to capitalise on the experience built-up and ensure continuation of work on the gaps identified in the new projects cluster and the AIOTI working groups..

After three years of intense activity the IOT LSP cluster of projects launched in 2017 will presenting highlights, best practices and the standardisation activities, and the new DEI Large-Scale Pilots projects launched in 2019 will be introduced. The new projects are addressing the Agri-Food sector, Energy, Health and Care and Smart Manufacturing.

Parallel break-out session will be organised on topics of common interest in order to identify and organise common work teams for the coming year.

Program Friday 21 February 2020

During the last day AIOTI working groups will be presenting their relevant position papers, new priorities for standardisation related activities addressing the gaps identified and outlined in the EC Communication on ICT Standardisation Priorities of for the Digital Single Market, and annual Rolling plan for ICT standardisation.

The discussion will address the needs for broader cooperation to address the emerging for standardisation in the perspective of the new Commission priorities and the proposed Horizon Europe framework programme.

One of the main challenges is to strengthen the European IoT ecosystem approach on standardisation and promote open, active collaborations to make IoT and Industrial IoT easy to adopt, use and scale across sectors.

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