Cross Fertilisation through Alignment, Synchronisation and Exchanges for IoT

CREATE-IoT’s aim is to stimulate collaboration between IoT initiatives, foster the take up of IoT in Europe and support the development and growth of IoT ecosystems based on open technologies and platforms. This requires synchronisation and alignment on strategic and operational terms through frequent, multi-directional exchanges between the various activities under the IoT Focus Areas (FAs). It also requires cross fertilisation of the various IoT Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) for technological and validation issues of common interest across the various application domains and use cases.

CREATE-IoT aligns the activities with the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and will coordinate and support the upcoming LSPs in sustaining the ecosystems developed during those projects through mapping the pilot architecture approaches, address interoperability and standards approaches at technical and semantic levels for object connectivity, protocols, data formats, privacy, security, trusted IoT, open APIs and share the road-mapping with international initiatives.

We continue working from home amid COVID-19, at CREATE-IoT Project we understand the severity of the pandemic and we worked collaboratively to create Information Resources to help communities to overcome with stressful situations while Working from Home, improve their living conditions while living in confinement and also for preparing us for the New Normal. Please Visit [COVID-19] under project [RESOURCES] section

The project fosters the exchange on requirements for legal accompanying measures, development of common methodologies and KPI for design, testing and validation and for success and impact measurement, federation of pilot activities and transfer to other pilot areas, facilitating the access for IoT entrepreneurs/API developers/makers, SMEs, including combination of ICT & Art. CREATE-IoT builds strong connections with Member States’ initiatives and other initiatives and transfers learning points to the broader IoT policy framework that include contractual PPPs (e.g. Big Data, Factories of the Future, 5G-infrastructure), Joint Technology Initiatives (e.g. ECSEL), European Innovation Partnerships (e.g. on Smart Cities) as well as other FAs (e.g. on Autonomous transport). It maintains_ a coordinated working relationship with U4IoT that is centre on RRI-SSH.

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