Internet of Things (IoT) has entered the next stage of development bringing new values through IoT-enabled pilots with broader vision of IoT as a combination of connected devices, connectivity, software, platforms, stakeholders, information and applications as part of integrated ecosystems and new IoT driven business models.

This eBook presents the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots (LSPs), providing an overview of the overarching goals of this initiative, facts and figures about each five different and specific focus areas, from smart living environments for ageing well, smart farming and food security, wearables for smart ecosystems, reference zones in EU cities and to autonomous vehicles in a connected environment.

The Programme includes five LSPs – ACTIVAGE, AUTOPILOT, IoF2020, MONICA, SYNCHRONICITY and two coordination and support actions – CREATE-IoT, U4IoT and involves more than 250 organisations from 19 European countries addresses over 80 use cases that creates opportunities for entrepreneurs, expanding local businesses to European scale, and supports the development of secure and sustainable European IoT ecosystems.

The document gives an overview of the IoT demand drivers and trends, key elements for digital transformation through IoT in key vertical markets and summarises the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme impacts and benefits.

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