IoF2020 is very proud that Euronews choose them for illustrating IoT applied to agriculture in Europe. Following an informal encounter and discussion at the EU R&I days in September 2019 the first shooting happened in Greece!

It took a little planning but it is now settled. The Euronews crew will produce a short documentary on IoF2020 in the frame of their show «Futuris». The purpose is to inform the general public on the IoT technologies applied to agriculture. It is important to pass the message that IoT and smart farming technologies are not fighting against traditional farming techniques, but come as supporting tools. This is wonderfully illustrated in this Greek olive tree field where the olives are handpicked (if you wish to see the photo reportage and read the story about the Euronews visit, please follow this link).

The next step is the visit of a pig farm in Sweden. This use case takes the use of technology and algorithm to another level, stay tuned for more after the shooting in February!


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