Webinar – European test farm network for digital impact validation

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 – 16.00-17.30

IoF2020 introduces a network of pioneer IoT farms to professionally assess and promote the impact of specific IoT services and hardware solutions.

The market is full of digital solutions for farmers ranging from simple tools to full-blown farm management systems. However, the objective benefit and impact for the farmer is in many case not clear and some cases not even validated. Therefore, IoF2020 was started and equipped over 100 farms all over Europe with sensors and software to assess and measure the impact of digital solutions directly and independent on the farm level. After investing with EU support into the equipment of test farms within IoF2020, we now have the chance to form a network of interested farmers to become professional test farms and therefore independent validators, demonstrators and multipliers for digital farm services. These farms could create additional income by offering capacities for product testing to corporates, investors, universities and startups and become educational hubs for digital farming in their region and domain.

This webinar is dedicated towards farmers, digital service providers, investors and educators in the agrifood tech domain and gives insights on the test farm concept. IoF2020 is very interested for your feedback on this initiative which already received a lot of support across our corporate partners and the investor community. Please use the chance to get in touch with us and share your opinion and ideas.

The test farm network is currently a concept supported by IoF2020 and NEFERTITI.

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