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Workshop Series

A series of workshops for expanding the horizons of next generation IoT/IIoT technologies and applications and addressing the challenges brought by the convergence of technologies.

The workshops provide a Pan European platform to exchange information among initiatives and stakeholders addressing the fast-growing IoT/IIoT European ecosystem. Topics included are new IoT/IIoT technology trends and the convergence with technologies such as edge computing, smart networks, 5G, Artificial intelligence (AI), Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), digital twins, and future developments, IoT/IIoT architecture approaches, interoperability and standards approaches at technical and semantic levels for object connectivity, protocols, data formats, privacy and security; exchange on requirements for legal accompanying measures; development of common methodologies and KPI for design, testing and validation and for success and impact measurement; federation of IoT/IIoT pilot activities and transfer to other IoT/IIoT pilot areas, facilitating the access for IoT/IIoT entrepreneurs/API developers/makers and SMEs.

The Workshops series aims to foster links between communities of IoT/IIoT users and providers, EU and Member States’ initiatives, and to connect with existing European partnerships and future initiatives to build new partnerships in Horizon Europe, and support the preparation for the next generation of IoT/IIoT deployment and future funding programmes.


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