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Open calls in the context of IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme are a funding mechanism with European dimension whose ambition is to create a common market for IoT solutions. Through its 10m€ calls, the Programme offers a concrete standard-based approach to innovative solutions and procurement. Considering this relevant background, the open calls aim to:

  • Attract proposals with interoperability, replicability and reusability at their foundation
  • Integrate new stakeholders with a particular attention on IoT empowered SMEs and supply chains
  • Support pilots, demonstrations and/or experiments on a specific innovative technology or framework
  • Enlarge the scope of projects to new sectors and geographic areas


The IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme proposes open calls from three projects, namely SynchroniCity, ACTIVAGE, and IoF2020.

SynchroniCity open call grants €3m to IoT-enabled urban services that have already been demonstrated in a relevant environment as well as to new cities and other stakeholders to become active participants in the Open & Agile Smart Cities ecosystem.

ACTIVAGE open call worth €600 000 will support experiments that integrate mature IoT technology on ACTIVAGE running deployment sites to boost the value of the current available Active and Healthy Ageing services.

IoF2020 open call includes €6m to attract projects with important impact on the food supply chain, high level of technical feasibility & innovation as well as a strong economic sustainability allowing new stakeholders as well as new regions to join the Internet of Food and Farm community.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I apply for anything?
A: Each open call has a defined set of areas or themes that are eligible for funding. For example, SynchroniCity has three themes and an open category; IoF2020 project funds experiments dealing with food production; ACTIVAGE focuses on enhancing life for the aging population. Read the open call information carefully to identify which open call(s) best suits you.

Q: What is required of us if we get the funding?
A: Besides the obvious, i.e. to execute the project/experiment that you have applied for, you are expected to report on your progress, and be willing to share the results on our webpage(s). You may in some cases be invited to showcase your project/experiment in public events, such as the IoT Week , or Smart City Expo.

Q: Do I have to pay VAT on the funding?
A: Normal VAT rules applied as in your country.


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  • All SynchroniCity Open Call CLINICS events and their registration information are available here (different dates)


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