– What are the top 3 key results of your project?

U4IoT goal was to support and enable better and more impactful end-user engagement in Internet of Things (IoT) Large Scale Pilot Projects (LSPs). Three of the main results of the U4IoT Coordination and Support Action (CSA) were:

1) Successful introduction of our tools for LSPs such as the End-User Engagement Toolkit, Survey & Crowdsourcing Tools, Co-Creative Workshop Support, Living Lab Support, Privacy Guidelines, Data Protection Game, IoT Adoption Barriers and Participatory sustainability models. Furthermore, our well-received online support services enable user-friendly and interactive assistance to LSPs.

2) The fact that we raised awareness with regard to end-user engagement and co-creation within the LSPs and other practitioners in the field of IoT development. We are proud of the positive feedback and recommendations from LSP representatives and other stakeholders, that enabled us to further improve our tools and customise them according to their needs.

3) Ensuring the sustainability of our tools, support services and recommendations. We are happy that our end-user engagement tools and support services have found the way to new users who are not part of the project and that our solutions can be used for other research projects in the future.

– What are the lessons learned – successes and challenges? 

Working with a lot of different partners with different needs taught us to become very flexible and to create tools that respect various requirements.  

– What is the impact on the future of your project area?

Our greatest impact is the fact that our tools, support services and recommendations can be used even after our project is completed. Also, we are proud that we have been able to inspire our users from LSPs and challenge them to integrate end-user engagement into their projects to the fullest.

– How could these LSP results influence other LSPs in other domains?

The tools that we have created can be used by LSPs in other domains too. For example, the Data Protection Game can be used by all practitioners that have no legal background and want to understand the principles of the GDPR and learn about privacy risks.

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