ACTivating InnoVative IoT Smart Living Environments
for AGEing well

ACTIVAGE IoT Architecture

The ACTIVAGE architecture is designed to serve as a common framework for building interoperable smart living solutions in the form of apps, software tools and services that can be deployed, extended and replicated at sites across Europe. In other words, it supports future platforms and services if they comply with the defined interoperability framework and standards. The ACTIVAGE architecture is in compliance with the IoT-A reference model, and it has been designed to provide semantic interoperability, which enables and orchestrates the interconnection of heterogeneous IoT devices, open IoT platforms and smart living services within a common ecosystem of solutions. The architecture includes management components to support deployment at new sites, security and privacy by design to meet the different regulations, a global API for the development of third-party services and applications and a marketplace to locate them.

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