AUTOmated Driving Progressed by Internet Of Things

AUTOPILOT IoT Architecture

The AUTOPILOT reference architecture was developed to leverage autonomous driving and innovative mobility services based on open IoT platforms. It is used as a common framework to realise IoT-based automated driving use cases. IoT components are deployed at several permanent pilot sites across Europe. The reference architecture consists of a set of services that have various capabilities, including processing, communication, resource management, context management and security. This architecture is composed of an applications layer, an IoT layer, a network layer and external services (e.g. web services) as well as an IoT devices layer. The IoT devices include smartphones, cameras, roadside units, traffic lights and signs, autonomous vehicles and drones. Within the IoT layer, open IoT platforms are based on interoperable and federated models to support IoT applications and services of the different use cases and the European pilot sites.

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