After a successful year of demonstrations at large, outdoor events in six European cities, the MONICA project is now keeping a strong focus on its 2019 demonstrations and their impact on event management and experience.

Fourteen events – concerts, festivals, cultural happenings, cricket and rugby matches – are already in the demonstration calendar, with the aim to further increase the number of deployed devices, applications and users as well as add new functionality to the tested solutions.

The first demonstration in 2019 is scheduled to take place in March during a Super League rugby match at the Emerald Headingley Stadium in Leeds. Until then, you can explore the cities, their events and past demonstrations below:

First MONICA demonstration in Bonn

Once a magic well, now a giant fair – MONICA visits Pützchens Markt

MONICA at Friday Rock

Environmental sensors at dizzy heights

MONICA demonstrations at the Emerald Headingley Cricket Ground d

The magic of light in Lyon – MONICA at Fête des Lumières

Kappa FuturFestival – first MONICA demonstration in Torino

Managing the nightlife of Movida


The IoT European Large-Scale Pilot Project MONICA aims to improve the security and sound experience at large cultural and sports events. The project delivers an IoT ecosystem supporting many different applications and heterogeneous wearables and portable IoT sensors and actuators, such as smart wristbands, smart glasses, video cameras, airships, loudspeakers, microphones and environmental sensors. The MONICA IoT ecosystem hosts innovative applications for various kinds of stakeholders, such as concert-goers, security personnel or sound engineers and involves a large number of end users. The solutions are demonstrated at cultural events in six major European cities: Bonn, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Leeds, Lyon and Torino. Ultimately, MONICA will demonstrate an IoT ecosystem which helps improve the life of citizens by finding a good balance between amusement, safety and quality of life in public spaces.

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