On January 17 2019, AUTOPILOT took part to the Connected Smart Cities Conference 2019, the annual flagship event gathering participants from all over the world to discuss about societal development shaped by real-time connected technologies, markets and policy.

The 2019 Conference leitmotif was “Making Agile The New Stable”, which was discussed in four tracks: Tech, Future, Green, and Funds, with a focus on open standards and minimal interoperability mechanisms to support cities and businesses and create an open and global smart city market based on cities’ needs.

AUTOPILOT project presented its achievements throughout the conference’s parallel workshops and had the opportunity to showcase its work in a dedicated stand.

In particular, AUTOPILOT was involved during the pre-conference workshop on the 16th of January, open to OASC member cities and the closer ecosystem only. The session was led by Seppo Haataja, Director of Business Tampere.

During the event, AUTOPILOT was also presented in a session on Mobility as a Service co-chaired by Piia Karjalainen from ERTICO, one of AUTOPILOT partners, and in another session by Julie Castermans from ERTICO,  particularly focusing on its use cases to improve citizens’ quality of life thanks to IoT and automated driving.

The following main project’s objectives related to this aspect and the “Agile City” conference theme were presented:

  • Increase vulnerable road safety;
  • Provide new mobility service with automated vehicles;
  • Deploy challenges for IoT and automated mobility: legal issues and access to data.

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