Have you ever seen a driver-less car parking by itself?

VTT, a key partner of AUTOPILOT project, has been testing parking with help from IoT. AUTOPILOT project focuses on five different driving modes, with automated valet parking technology under development and testing at VTT pilot site in Tampere. The project is also developing a range of services for various driving modes, such as platooning and car sharing.

In practice, the VTT robot car Marilyn is parked by means of a specially developed application which enables the driver to reserve a parking space. Once the car arrives at the parking area, the parking guidance system verifies that the space is free, checks for potential obstructions along the route using traffic cameras connected to an open IoT platform, and transmits the route information to the vehicle, which then drives automatically to its reserved space thanks to IoT assistance.

Find more about the demonstration: AUTOPILOT Partner VTT Achieves Fully Autonomous Parking With Robot Car Marylin

Watch the video:


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