The IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme

IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme collaboration is built around eight activity groups created to provide an effective mechanism for all the projects to contribute to the consolidation and coherence work by addressing issues of common interest such as interoperability approach, standards, security and privacy approaches, business validation and sustainability, methodologies, metrics, etc. CREATE-IoT together with U4IoT have a central role in the coordination and support activities for the whole programme.

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The Activity Groups

The eight activity groups are key enablers for the identification of key performance indicators to measure progress on citizen benefits, economic growth, jobs creation, environment protection, productivity gains, etc. The activity groups support and foster links between communities of IoT users and providers, with Member States’ initiatives, and connect with other initiatives including contractual Public-Private-Partnerships (e.g. Big Data, Factories of the Future, 5G-infrastructure), Joint Technology Initiatives (e.g. ECSEL), European Innovation Partnerships (e.g. on Smart Cities), and other Focus Areas (e.g. on Autonomous transport).

The activity groups monitor that appropriate mechanisms are put in place in order that IoT LSPs projects’ impact go beyond involved partners and address external communities and stakeholders. Mobilising a wider community beyond the consortium is essential for the development of a secure and sustainable European IoT ecosystems. Beyond sustaining an ecosystem, it is instrumental to include contributions to assure that the IoT infrastructures developed and implemented are viable beyond the duration of the Pilots.


CREATE-IoT has started the work on mapping the pilot architecture approaches and the ecosystem stakeholders across all the use cases of the IoT LSPs projects in order to identify areas of common interest. Through the reference architecture work for federation and cooperation between IoT deployments, CREATE-IoT has focused on analysis of reference IoT deployments and standards, methodology for reference architecture identification, and comparison and analysis of LSP pilot architectures.

The combination of efforts in generation of knowledge, exchanging, co-creation, dissemination, communication, and sharing of best practices is a form of joint benefit, very fundamental to success for the IoT Focus Area. The development of common methodology and KPIs for design, testing and validation is an important CREATE-IoT achievement that allows the IoT LSPs to work together and identify/define a set of common KPIs across the five domains.

CREATE-IoT has finalized the analysis of the eleven technological and fifteen societal challenges that bring new insights in future IoT technology trends, while emphasising the potential that IoT technologies and application can offer to create smart environments, based on IoT systems comprising of large heterogeneous platforms across the digital value chain in various industries and in various application areas considering even better exchange of data, the use of standardized interfaces, interoperability, security, privacy, safety, trust, and more integration in all areas of the Internet (consumer/business/industrial).

In this context, CREATE-IoT provided the first overview of European IoT national strategies that summaries the activities around the research and innovation Hubs, present main IoT stakeholders and highlights major IoT projects and applications across Europe.

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