CREATE-IoT has produced a common terminology reference, designed as a glossary compiling a representative sample of terms of common use across the IoT community in general, and the IoT Large-Scale Pilot Programme in particular. This document has been conceived as a primary source of reference (certainly, a “handbook”) for both IoT experts and non-experts.

Around 250 definitions and acronyms have been compiled in the handbook that covers a wide range of possible IoT dimensions and application fields. For each concept, we have provided its definition as well as some keywords that will allow the reader to properly locate where the concept applies to within the IoT field. Most of the definitions have been extracted from external references, which are as well provided for the interested reader that wants to investigate further.

Considering that the IoT is a living, evolving field just as much as the Large-Scale Pilots are, this handbook must be taken as a tool that the CREATE-IoT project offers to the community that samples the most common terminology used across the Large-Scale Pilot Programme. Instead of being considered as the ultimate reference on IoT terminology, this handbook should become as a first version of a living document to be taken up, maintained and regularly updated and expanded by the Large-Scale Pilot Programme community. Pursuing this goal, a Wiki page is set up to make it editable and accessible to all involved stakeholders.

Find more: Handbook to the IoT Large-Scale Pilots Programme


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