In our networked society of increasingly growing dependencies, trust towards hyper-connected devices is becoming a “need to have as opposed to a nice to have”. Ensuring and further strengthening trust of individuals as well as trust of both public and private organizations appears to be a necessity for the flourishing of the economy and smooth functioning of society at large.

Acknowledging this key role of trust, CREATE-IoT project proposes a policy framework for IoT ecosystems that builds on the fundamentals of accountability, privacy, security and stakeholders’ engagement, all relevant for the continuous delivery of goods and services. Taking into account CREATE-IoT’s role within the LSPs Programme, the project produces a landscape of the applicable regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Directive on security of networks and information systems and the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) relevant for all LSPs.

In this respect, the work that is being performed on the creation of an “IoT Policy Framework – Trusted, Safe and Legal Environment for IoT” simplifies the legal complexities in a transparent manner through documentation and participation in events echoing the message of trust and of the essential trust components to a diverse audience across EU Member States.

For more insights on this topic:

Deliverable 05.01 IoT Policy Framework

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Deliverable 05.05 Legal IoT Framework (Initial)


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