Join CREATE-IoT workshops at the IoT Week 2018 (4-7 June) in Bilbao!

The session will present the most recent advances/news on EU-Asia collaborations on IoT, taking active projects, on-going initiatives and looking into the future activities where others can also join the collaboration. Goal is also to overlook best practices in International Cooperation (e.g. white-papers for EU-China Collaboration on IoT, etc.) and discuss ways to make International Cooperation on IoT with Asia region/countries more effective and concrete. The workshop will take place on June 6 from 16:45 to 17:45 at Euskalduna Jauregia Conference Center – Sala A2.


Chairs: Pedro Maló (UNPARALLEL/UNINOVA, CREATE-IoT) and Philippe Cousin (EGM, EXCITING/Fed4IoT)

1- Introduction – Pedro Maló, UNPARALLEL/UNINOVA, Portugal
2- EU-Korea WISE-IoT project – SeungMyeong Jeong, KETI, Korea
3- EU-China Collaboration Update – Philippe Cousin, EGM, France
4- EU-Japan Fed4IoT project – Wenbin Li, EGM, France
5- EU-South EasAsia collaborations (Vietnam, Malaysia) – Congduc Pham, U.P.P.A. Pau, France
6- Round-table/Panel – Towards a more effective EU-Asia International Cooperation on IoT

Find more at: EU-Asia Collaborarion on IoT for Sustainable Development



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