The annual Ars Electronica festival in Linz, is a gathering of artists, scientists and technologists, intended as “a setting for experimentation, evaluation and reinvention”. This year it boasts over 500 separate events and more than a thousand presenters. At this year’s festival FutureEverything will be delivering a roundtable discussion as part of CREATE-IoT.

Join us in an interactive conversation around ideas of transparency, clarity, ethics and governance within the realm of the Internet of Things. This roundtable session positions artistic intervention as a practical and conceptual toolset to challenge current thinking and explore possible futures.

The roundtable is hosted by award winning innovation lab and cultural agency, FutureEverything, and led by expert cross-disciplinary panellists from the intersections of arts and technology, culture and business. This roundtable café will create a rich experience for all the participants, be they invited expert or casual attendee.

When: Thursday 6th September 2018, 13:30 – 16:30
Where: ARS Electronica 2018, at POSTCITY. Linz, Austria.
Who: The roundtable will be of interest to partners in the IoT Large Scale Pilots – technology specialists, industry experts, artists, and end-users.

Why join?
This is an opportunity to consider and test new methods to interrogate social impacts of your innovation practice. In the light of heightened awareness of privacy and security concerns (such as the deployment of GDPR), and to engage with the discussion around transparency and ethics, it is more important than ever to ensure that we branch out of our own echo chambers. At the core of Create-IoT is the notion that arts practice is a viable toolset to explore these challenges.

Who can attend?
The event is open to any delegate of ARS Electronica with either a festival pass or a one day pass for the 6th September. More details will shortly be available at this link:

Draft Schedule:
13:30-14:30: Scene-setting introduction and panelist provocations (Workshop Space)
Introduction from moderator Drew Hemment, followed by Lightning Talks (5m – 10m each), speaker order as below.

14:30-16:00: Roundtable Using a method based on the World Cafe, all participants split into groups and engage in short discussions with the expert witnesses. Each of the four tables take on one of the key topics: transparency, clarity, ethics and governance. Groups of participants move between tables, engaging with the topics, through the lens of a concrete, tailored example. More details of the mechanics of the workshop will follow in due course. (Workshop Space & FIS Tables)

16:00-16:30: Presentation of results and wrap-up discussion (Workshop Space) – Moderator: Irini Papadimitriou

Expert Panel:
Drew Hemment (GB) Founder, FutureEverything
Kasia Molga (GB) Artist, Design Fusionist
Alexander Berlin (DE) Startup developer, investment adviser, business models expert.
(representative of IoF2020 LSP)
Giulia Tomasello (IT) Artist, STARTS Prize winner 2018
Dr J. Martin Serrano (IE/ES) Research / Data Scientist. Representative of ACTIVAGE LSP
Irini Papadimitriou (GB/GR) Curator, Digital Programmes Manager, V&A

Contact details:
FutureEverything project co-ordinator: Jason Crouch

About FutureEverything:
For more than two decades FutureEverything has explored the meeting point of technology, society and culture which lies at the heart of the digital debate. Through a community network and regular events it makes connections between thinkers, developers, coders, artists, designers, urbanists and policy makers – inspiring them to experiment and to collaborate in new ways.

CREATE-IoT (CRoss fErtilisation through AlignmenT, synchronisation and Exchanges for IoT) brings together 18 partners from 10 European countries. The objectives are to stimulate collaboration between IoT initiatives, foster the take up of IoT in Europe and support the development and growth of IoT ecosystems based on open technologies and platforms.

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