IoF2020 was indeed well represented during IoT Week. The project contributed to the smart farming track with participation from European Commission (DG Agri), exhibited VR & interactive map in its booth while 6 use cases (including 2 IoT tractors) presented their work in the public exhibition. Inside or outside, IoF2020 was impossible to miss!

IoF2020 helped to shape the Smart Farming Track Programme

Gathering speakers from the European Commission, technical managers, use cases managers and business oriented contributors, we ensured that our presentations reach a diverse audience – from a tech-savvy crowd to operational managers and business leaders. Visitors got the chance to find out about the challenges of smart farming, its concrete implementation in the field and its long term policy vision.

Our booth in the platinum area in the Musikhuset

The booth was part of a joint presence with the other EU Large-Scale Pilots. It displayed videos about our project in general, presented the new IoF2020 brochure which details the 33 use cases alongside our project structure and governance. Also, visitors had the possibility to experience precision farming through Virtual Reality.

Extract from IoF2020 article, 26 June 2019

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