During the IoT Week 2018 (4-8 June) held in Bilbao, CREATE-IoT, in cooperation with the IoT Large-Scale Pilot (LSP) projects and U4IoT, realized 22 interviews with representatives from the LSPs and relevant stakeholders (including SMEs, start-ups, innovators, IoT business users, industry associations, and policy makers). The aim of the interviews was to collect insights into IoT stories and innovative business ideas from their experience in the fields of agriculture, healthy and active ageing, automated and connected driving, wearables, and smart cities. Special relevance was given to the discussion of IoT benefits and challenges, with a particular focus on users, as well as of the status of European competitiveness in the IoT domain.

IoT Large-Scale Pilots Video Interviews:

Representatives from the LSPs shared their experiences and success stories by providing concrete examples from their use cases/pilots in the fields of agriculture (IoF2020), healthy and active ageing (ACTIVAGE), automated and connected driving (AUTOPILOT), wearables (MONICA), and smart cities (SynchroniCity). Furthermore, SynchroniCity, IoF2020 and ACTIVAGE projects presented the opportunities linked with their open calls and shared useful information for potential applicants.

 Watch all the interviews here: IoT LSPs video interviews

  • Jarissa Maselyne, ILVO Flanders Research Institute – IoF2020
  • Vincenzo Verrastro, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute  IoF2020
  • Michael Norremark, Aarhus University – IoF2020
  • Sebastián Pantoja, Televes – ACTIVAGE
  • Suzanne Morton, Leeds City Council – ACTIVAGE
  • Francois Fischer, ERTICO – AUTOPILOT
  • Kaisa Sibelius, Forum Virium Helsinki – SynchroniCity
  • Paulo Calçada, Porto Digital – SynchroniCity
  • Jarmo Eskelinen, Future Cities Catapult – SynchroniCity


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IoT Stories and Innovation Ideas

Nine video interviews with relevant stakeholders from IoT companies, start-ups, research programmes, industry associations and public institutions were realized with the aim to catch the latest trends and the key strategies deployed in the IoT domain. The occasion was particularly relevant in order to make the interviewees aware of the opportunities offered by the IoT LSPs Programme through the upcoming open calls launched by SynchroniCity, IoF2020 and ACTIVAGE.

Watch all the interviews here: IoT Stories and Innovation Ideas

  • David Langley, AIOTI
  • Andrés Montero Aparicio, Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment
  • Nathan Pierce, Sharing Cities / Greater London Authority
  • Damien Browne, Standard Access
  • Klaus Beetz, Siemens
  • Rodrigo Castiñeira, INDRA
  • Thorsten Hülsmann, Industrial Data Space Association
  • Eneko Zubia Zaballa, Imatek
  • So Kanno, IoT Artist


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