During the last ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41 IoT meeting in Berlin, a study group was created to explore the possibility of additional standards or guidance in the area of IoT and related technologies. The study group will:

  • Identify categories of IoT based services to humans,
  • Investigate in particular the trustworthiness aspects of IoT based services to
  • reach out to other committees whose work is highly relevant to this topic area, including in particular SC 29 whose work on Internet of Media Things is highly relevant, SC 42 on Artificial Intelligence, and IEC SyC-AAL.

Antonio Kung (Trialog), member of AG05 through the CREATE-IoT project will be involved in the study group. It is planned to schedule a conference call with the convenor of the study group, Norbert Bollow to inform him on the activities of AG05 related to human factors.

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