Are you an IoT SME or start-up? Do you want to hear how you can access resources to become part of Europe-wide large scale, IoT deployments in active aging, agrofood, smart-cities or autonomous vehicles? Then join us at our co-creation workshop at IoT Week, Bilbao!

The pilots will foster the deployment of IoT solutions in Europe through integration of advanced IoT technologies across the value chain, demonstration of multiple IoT applications at scale and in a usage context, and as close as possible to operational conditions. These are targeted, goal driven initiatives that propose IoT approaches to specific real-life industrial/societal challenges, involving stakeholders from supply to demand.

This workshop will focus on three main pilots belonging to sectors that represent high growth potential and profitability for IoT implementation in SMEs: healthy ageing IoT- based solutions, farming and food chains and urban services. The overall aim is to bring LSPs, start-ups and SMEs together to explore the opportunities to develop new IoT technologies to solve the challenges presented within the forthcoming Open Calls. Start-ups and SMEs will gain a deeper understanding of the context for the open calls within each of the three LSPs.

Moderators: Luis Miguel Girau & Tania Suarez

Location: 7 June 2018, 16:15-18:00, Euskalduna Jauregia Conference Center – Sala A3.1

Find more: Iterative Innovation in the Large Scale Pilots. Start-ups, SMEs and the Open Calls

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