During 2018, MONICA organised three hackathons to engage entrepreneurs and innovators in the development of new MONICA applications for enhanced user experience at events. The result is three exciting solutions which will be tested and further developed at pilot events in 2019.

In control of sound

Interestingly, all the winning solutions are related to sound perception and control. The solution Auricle from the hackathon in Roskilde, Denmark, presents a hearing device, that enables a person to be aware of the surroundings at all times, making it suitable for security personnel and sound engineers at events.

The augmented hearing solution Hearability which won the second hackathon in Leeds, UK, enables stadium visitors to control their auditory environment during sports events.

And the final winning entry ‘Shh Project’ from the hackathon in Torino, Italy, encourages bar owners and nightclubbers to reduce noise in the streets through awareness measures, rewards and incentives.

Further development of the solutions

Apart from the opportunity to test their solutions within the MONICA framework, the winners will enter a customised Business Growth Programme offered by MONICA to further develop and brand their winning solutions. Part of the programme consists of specialised business consultancy services which are available on the MONICA website to all with an interest in developing their business.

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