The project’s aim is to stimulate collaboration between Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, foster the take up of IoT in Europe and support the development and growth of IoT ecosystems based on open technologies and platforms. This requires strategic and operational synchronisation and alignment through frequent, multi-directional exchanges between the various activities under the IoT Focus Area (FA). It also requires cross fertilisation of the various IoT Large-Scale Pilots (LSPs) for technological and validation issues of common interest across the different application domains and use cases.

IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme collaboration is built around eight activity groups created to provide an effective mechanism for all the projects to contribute to the consolidation and coherence work by addressing issues of common interest such as interoperability approach, standards, security and privacy approaches, business validation and sustainability, methodologies, metrics, etc. CREATE-IoT together with U4IoT have a central role in the coordination and support activities for the whole programme.

CREATE-IoT is providing the framework for support and coordination for the IoT FA in order to foster the take up of IoT in Europe and to enable the emergence of IoT ecosystems supported by open technologies and platforms. Through the coordination of complementary activities structured around IoT LSPs projects, CREATE-IoT establishes a structure for supporting the implementation of coordination bodies that ensure an efficient interplay of the various elements of the IoT FA and liaise with relevant initiatives at EU (JTIs, PPPs, FAs, EPIs), Member States and at the international level to create societal and market acceptance of IoT applications.

The CREATE-IoT ensures the environment and provides tools to ensure consistency and linkages between the pilots and complement them by addressing ethics and privacy, trust and security, respect for the scarcity and vulnerability of human attention, validation and certification, standards and interoperability, user acceptability and control, liability and sustainability.

The IoT FA domains are extremely varied covering LSPs in Smart living environments for ageing well, Smart Farming and Food Security, Wearables for smart ecosystems, Reference zones in EU cities and Autonomous vehicles in a connected environment. Specific details relative to the launch, testing, deployment and evaluation phases are likely to be equally varied. This heterogeneity means that the focus of CREATE-IoT is on ensuring that there is a solid element of analysis performed on the different concepts to identify non-contiguous activities that can benefit from shared approaches, be they of a technological, policy or business nature.

The use of KPIs is of critical importance for establishing objective methods to identify what and who is performing particularly well. Beyond the inter-change of information, approaches and techniques, the CREATE-IoT consortium employs a proactive methodology to support the IoT LSPs through the activity groups (AGs).

The eight activity groups are key enablers for the identification of key performance indicators to measure progress on citizen benefits, economic growth, jobs creation, environment protection, productivity gains, etc.

The activity groups monitor that appropriate mechanisms are put in place in order that IoT LSPs projects’ impact go beyond involved partners and address external communities and stakeholders. Mobilising a wider community beyond the consortium is essential for the development of a secure and sustainable European IoT ecosystems. Beyond sustaining an ecosystem, it is instrumental to include contributions to assure that the IoT infrastructures developed and implemented are viable beyond the duration of the IoT pilot prjects.

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